Organic Baby Gift Basket – Organic Monkey Business – Free Shipping

Want to give a stylish yet earth-friendly gift?

Well, you don’t have to look very far. You just need to go to Simply Unique Baby Gifts and look for the Organic Monkey Business Gift Basket!

So what sets Simply Unique’s gift basket apart?

The Organic Monkey Business Gift Basket comes with the following:

– plush Fred the Monkey
– size 3 onesie in chestnut
– size 3 onesie in green tea
– size 3 footed leggings in green tea
– 2 pairs size 3 booties
– a size 3 gown
– a size 3 romper in green tea 

All of these are made from 100% organic materials made possible by BNature, a company known for their products having thick, soft and stylish feel and looks.
The Organic Monkey Business Gift Basket comes in a white wicker nursery basket with lining and is delivered to your doorsteps free.
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