Twin Boys Baby Gift “Two-riffic” – Free Shipping

Twin Boys baby Gift One little baby boy is a bundle of joy but two would certainly rock your world. Make your world even brighter by giving the little one’s Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Twin Boys Baby Gift “Two-rrific”.

The Twin Boys Baby Gift “Two-rrific” is cleverly designed allowing both boys to have a matching set. Each of the set comes with a pair of interlock gowns made form 100% cotton, a pair of hats, and a pair of bibs.

All of these items are delivered to your doorsteps in a beautifully gift wrapped wooden pail. You can make use of the pail later on to store your little rascals’ toys.

See it in the store here!
Terrific Baby Boy Twins Ensemble” – Free Shipping

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One Response to Twin Boys Baby Gift “Two-riffic” – Free Shipping

  1. baby gifts says:

    Its so cute!.. Twins.. 🙂 I love it. The ribbon is adding attraction..
    Thanks for sharing.

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